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Get A Great Smile For Life™ Serving Families in North Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona!

Dr. Daniel Grob “Answers Your Questions and Addresses Your Concerns” while delivering quality and affordable orthodontic care!

Board certified orthodontist, Dr. Daniel Grob and his team work together to create a positive experience and a Great Smile For Life for their patients and families. Dr Grob uses the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques available, including Ultra Low Dose 3d imaging and sophisticated occlusal analysis.  He and his team bring over 25 years of clinical experience to the Scottsdale and Phoenix community. Dr. Grob has created hundreds and hundreds of Great Smiles.

An Orthodontic Experience You Can Trust in North Phoenix and Scottsdale

  • The Family Smile Plan  encourages visits to the orthodontist for patients, from age 6 to age 60 and beyond. “Face First Therapy” is offered to younger children, “Gold Standard” care for adolescents, and “Comprehensive Adult” care is often times completed with special requests from family dentists.  Getting an evaluation is quick and easy and provides countless benefits!
  • We understand every family has different circumstances. An Affordable Smile Program provides many Financing options to meet the needs of your family and budget. We work hard to accept virtually all insurance and dental plans and accept assignment of benefits.
  • We are pleased to offer Clear and Comfortable Options including Invisalign for the clear alternative and virtually invisible clarity clear appliances from 3M that SHOW YOUR SMILE AND NOT YOUR BRACES!
  • A Great Smile For Life Guarantee is the basis of our practice, and ensures that you will only pay One Treatment Fee For Life for your Great Smile.
  • We offer a warm, friendly, and always lively atmosphere where conversation is encouraged and smiles come naturally! When you’re ready to take the next step toward orthodontic treatment, please contact Scottsdale Orthodontic Care at 480-634-7731 for your FREE orthodontic consultation and get ready to start smiling! We also have free internet and a comfortable place for parents to wait.