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Bumps On The Roof Of Your Mouth

There are many different reasons for bumps on the roof of your mouth. Every persons oral hygiene is different and so is their genetic makeup. If you have a bump on the roof of your mouth, there are many different causes and reasons behind this change. This article gives insight into mouth bumps as well […]

What is the best type of toothpaste?

Although it is hard to determine the best tooth paste because each individuals oral hygiene needs are different, it can be good to hear which toothpastes are popular. Not all types of toothpaste are suitable for everyone and this is an important factor that should be taken into account before purchasing! To choose the best […]

Wisdom Tooth Recovery

If you are one of the many who have had to endure a wisdom tooth extraction, or have your surgery scheduled, here is a little insight on the healing process. Although the healing process is different for everyone and times vary depending on your specific situation, there are a few things that anyone can do […]

Drooling: what is the cause?

Drooling is inevitable. Most of us like to relate it back to having a really good nights sleep. But have you ever thought about the underlying causes of drooling? Surprisingly enough, drooling can be linked to many different things, some of which you have probably never heard about! Here are some ways to minimize drooling […]

What Is Periodontal Surgery?

When it comes to the mouth, there are a lot of different surgeries that can be performed, for various different reasons, whether it is cosmetic or needed for health reasons. Most people are very sensitive about their mouth, and surgery on it can certainly be overwhelming or scary. Here’s what to expect, how to prepare, […]

Sipping Drinks Leads to Tooth Problems

If you drink soda, coffee, juice, tea, or other beverages of the like how you drink them could lead to tooth problems, according to the research discussed in this article.  The research points to sipping acidic drinks saying it contributes to tooth erosion more so than drinking beverages “normally”.  Learn more about the findings of this research […]

If Your Retainer Breaks

Just like a wire can break in your braces, the retainer you wear after your braces come off can break or crack too.  If that happens you can call Scottsdale Orthodontic Care at 480-267-9726 to get it repaired.  It is important to clean your retainer often and store it properly in order to help prevent […]