Family Smile Plan

Our practice offers orthodontic care and treatment to all members of your family. Dr. Grob’s Treatment By Twelve’s system is calculated to give the proper amount and type of care to all patients from age 5 to 50 and beyond.

We encourage you to register all family members to benefit from all of the services, (many at no cost to you) that we offer to patients. The Treatment By Twelve’s system is arranged into three main groups according to the teeth present in the mouth. Internationally published and highly regarded, this system is based on the tooth eruption chart seen below.

The First Twelve Permanent Teeth usually break out between ages 6 and 9 (Photo of 6 to 9 year old). It is during this time that we encourage the first assessment to note behaviors and medical issues that affect the teeth and jaws and become acquainted with our practice.

The Next Twelve Permanent Teeth usually erupt between ages of 10 to 14 (Photo of 10 to 14 year old). This is considered the optimal time for maintenance. Not only are teeth and jaws growing and shifting rapidly, but this age group is able to attend to appointments much easier. As children get into high school and beyond, extracurricular activities and scholastics many times make it difficult to attend to appointments regularly.

The Four Twelve Year Molar Teeth break out from as early as 12 up to 14 (Photo of young adult) After all of the permanent teeth are in is the ideal time to treat some types of malocclusions.

Dr. Grob is an expert in working with your dentist on multifaceted restorative circumstances. His previous experience as both a prosthodontist as well as educator has allowed him to help dozens of dentists restore their patient’s mouths to optimum health and beauty.

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